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Thread: Installation problems, Solutions

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    Installation problems, Solutions

    1. Install and clean your registry with CCleaner (Start the program, click on registry tab and 'Scan for issues', leave everything checked then 'Fix selected issues')

    2. Download the client using the following link
    • Before you start, add the folder where you will put the installer to AV exception list
    3. Do a MD5 check on the installer (Skip only if you are absolutely sure about the download)

    4. Run the .exe and install
    • Before you start, add the folder where the game folder will be to AV exception list
    5. Things to do before you launch the game
    • Add the exact game folder to AV exception list
    • Remove the two paths you added for Step 2 and 4 from AV
    6. Patching
    • Add the Temp folder to AV exception list (C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Temp)
    • Launch the game and let it update
    • If your client did not update, follow these steps:
      Quote Originally Posted by Ndid View Post
      my solutions :
      change DNS into Google DNS or any global DNS
      Google DNS :
      primary :
      secondary :
    • If it still did not update after changing DNS, revert to original settings and download manual patch to be found on the Latest Manual Patch thread

    7. Before you start playing
    • Remove the Temp folder from AV

    *Must be done in the exact order
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    When you have any problem with EC client, check for the following

    1. any missing files2. Requirements
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    1. Does EC work on Win7
    • Yes
    2. Does EC work on Mac
    • Yes, but you have to install another OS or virtual machine
    3. Can you download EC using other software
    • Yes, Flashget etc.
    4. Cabal / Snake Application has stopped working5. Error extracting in installation / Fail to create file when updating
    • Add Temp folder to AV exception list (C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Temp)
    • Remove from AV when its done
    6. 'The game will close to receive the update'7. Manual patch for Trans Skills update
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    Solution to Error 1155 and 1152

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeon
    Please follow this steps:
    1. Run this installer with administrator,
    2. You will see this error again, and dont press OK. Instead, go to the folder which is in the pic: C:\User\$ Username\AppData\Local\Temp\ and delete all the folders start with {XXXX
    3. Stay in the temp folder and Press OK on the installer
    4. Run the installer with admin again, you will see the error again, and press OK
    5. find the new {XXXX folder generated in the temp folder, open it, and run the Reloaded.msi as admin.
    If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, please right click on the installer and run as administrator.

    If you are using XP, you need to clear your temp files:
    • Click on Start and then Run.
    • In the text box in the Run window, type %Temp% and click OK. A folder full of files and other folders will appear.
    • All of the folders and files you see in this Temp folder are no longer being used by Windows XP and can safely be deleted.
    • To remove individual folders or files, hold down your Ctrl key while left-clicking on each item you want delete. Release the Ctrl key when you're finished.
    • To delete these items, hit your Delete key or choose File and then Delete from the menu.
    • Confirm that you want to delete the files by clicking Yes on the Confirm Multiple File Delete window that opens.
    • If you'd instead like to remove everything inside the Temp folder, choose Edit and then Select All from the menu (CTRL+A)
    • Now that all of the files and folders are selected, hit your Delete key or choose File and then Delete from the menu.
    • Confirm that you want to delete the files by clicking Yes on the Confirm Multiple File Delete window that opens.
    • After all of the files have been deleted you can close the window and empty your Recycle Bin, permanently removing the files from your PC.

    You may receive a Error Deleting File or Folder message while the files are being deleted. This just means that one of the files is in use by a program right now. Click OK, close all open programs, and repeat the steps above. If you still receive the message, try restarting your PC and repeating the process again.
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    Missing monster file

    Download this Monster file

    extract and replace files on your EC Folder (EC ~ data ~ Monster)
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