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Thread: Elite Cabal - Episode 8. The 3rd Awakening

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    Elite Cabal - Episode 8. The 3rd Awakening


    Soon has become now! For all of you that belived in us and stayed with us, the awaited update is here, the waiting is finally over! After a lot of work and effort we have managed to get not just the episode 8 update but all the other updates at once! That is right, Elite Cabal will not be only updating to episode 8 but also to episodes 4, 5, 6 and 7, with everything in them!!
    Tons and tons of new features will be added to Elite Cabal for you and your friends!

    When will this happen?

    Tomorrow, the 19 of February. We will announce the maintenance 1 hour before it happens and then you will be only minutes away from the updated server!

    What will happen?

    We will transfer players to the new server. We will delete all cores from their inventories, and this means all cores, from perfect to upgrade and slot extenders. More information about this measure can be read here: http://forum.elitekingdoms.com/showthread.php?t=158203 . We are also deleting all items in the Auction House, so, before the server gets into maintenance, please remove all items from your Auction House or you won't be able to recover them.

    What do you have to know?

    This update is big, huge and you all know updates can be glitchy sometimes. Because of this we will be in "Beta mode" for a couple of days, 3 or 4. This means that if necessary, we will do a or several rollbacks in order to fix issues that might show up once the server is open. Please, try not to spam the forums with rage threads and understand that we will solve everything we can as fast as we can, and for that we need your comprehension and your help to report bugs and problems.

    What problems do you know and you will solve?

    For now, we have found a couple of problems in the server.
    Some quests dialogues are glitchy and the texts are all messed up. This will be fixed as soon as possible but is not a mayor bug and it will take some time to fix since is all manual work.

    BM3 is, for now, giving only the Activation Skill when the skillbook is used, so you can enter BM3 but you can't use the other skills. This is a priority for us and we will fix it as soon as possible, probably in this very week, but it might take some time so please be patience. In the meantime you can start getting the Quests Capsules to get the materials needed to get BM3, but try not to use the Skillbook.

    The Battle Aura quests are currently buggued, so try not to do them for now until we find a solution to it.

    We have modified some drops (mainly core drops) so Chaos Arena is more interesting to finish now. Remember that Chaos Arena is no longer like it was and now works like a Dungeon where you can go as many times as you need or want to.

    We will continue to make improvements to drops but we need the players feedback to do so.

    We are now working on an Event Tool that will make events more fun to play!

    Since We are updating to all episodes from 4 to 8, Im not going to post every changelog because it will be useless.

    There are alot of things for you to find out. Go and find them!

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    Go Ahead GM's we have high hope for the success of this huge update!

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    good work morke

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    Good job elite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morke View Post
    Soon has become now!
    Good Job Elite Cabal Stuff, thx for update

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    That was Great to hear that info then we're now excited for that EP8 ..Need Huge patient for this huge Update.. I know this one has 100% success rate of updating.. Im happy and I love This update.. Go Go Go Gm's gooddluck..

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    i've waited 3yrs to get a update and tomorrow will finally happen.


    You're the man Morke and everyone in this community

    Great new will bring back to life!!

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    yeah! .... is wonderfull

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