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Thread: [Guide] Elite Cabal - Forgotten Temple B1F

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    [Guide] Elite Cabal - Forgotten Temple B1F

    Forgotten Temple B1F Guide.


    Entry item: Muster Card Forgotten Temple B1F.
    Level Requirement: 115.
    Duration: 50 minutes.

    Entrance Location: Forgotten ruins.

    Dungeon Map [Not Mine]

    Dungeon Drops:

    - Shapes and Discs Level 4.
    - Redosmium Weapons/Armor [+1,+2,+3 0slot] [+0 1slot].
    - Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B2F.
    - Bracelets: Fighter/Sage/Extortion/Of Seven Coins +2/+3/+4.
    - Earrings: Guard/Vampiric/Force Regeneration/Of Seven Coins +2/+3/+4.
    - Material Core Mithril/Blue Mithril.
    - Quartz Core Mithril/Blue Mithril.

    - Epaulet of Fighter/Sage/Guard +7.
    - Epaulet of Fighter/Sage/Guard +8.
    - Blue Bike / RW3.
    - Redosmium Weapons/Armor 1slot.
    - Astral Core Mithril/Blue Mithril.
    - Bracelets: Fighter/Sage/Extortion/Of Seven Coins +2/+3/+4.
    - Earrings: Guard/Vampiric/Force Regeneration/Of Seven Coins +2/+3/+4.
    - Upgrade/Force Core High/Highest.
    - Material Core Mithril/Blue Mithril.
    - Quartz Core Mithril/Blue Mithril.
    - Crafted Mithril.

    - Pet EXP.
    - Alz Drop Amount.
    - Alz Drop Rate.
    - Stun Resist.
    - Magic Amp(last chest).

    Secret Shop:

    - Cards to craft 1slot Mithril


    - YOU MUST HAVE 1M BEFORE YOU ENTER THE DUNGEON ELSE YOU WONT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE IT. ( To buy purify epulate which you destroy later to pass a gate.)
    - Mobs don't respawn, so if you are doing a BSLV UP Special training, don't wait for respawn, but for Groga quest, you can do 1 normal run, and 2nd run let Orca the destruction spawn(2nd form) he will spawn with some groga, so you can finish the quest in 2 runs.

    Step By Step Guide ~

    1. Talk to the hour glass, will turn off the fire wall.

    2. Talk to lion shaped figure, then dash forward, when you reach the bridge with fire walls, wait couple of seconds it will fade and dash forward till next step.

    3. Talk to the board, it will remove the wall infront of you, now you can either kill the gricks for Key drops, some item drops (mostly clean redosmium weapons & accessory +3/+4) or you could just skip them and proceed with next step.

    4. Talk to the tomb, go to the pathway, you will need some good defense here, 950~1000 at least, so if you have lower, turn your battle mode and/or aura on and you are set to go.

    5. Kill the obident.

    6. Talk to the snake statue to move to the next room where you will face the first boss in this dungeon, Nesbite.

    7. There will be a serpent that spawns around the hall in a clockwise manner, you have 5 seconds to kill it every time it spawns, if it makes a full cycle, it will activate laser and you will be 1 shot-dead, but with 2 decent geared players, you will finish Nesbite before the serpent even finishes the cycle.

    8. After you kill Nesbite, talk to the snake statue in the middle of the room

    9. Proceed with the quest which needs you to collect 10 red jewels and 14 blue jewels.

    10. After you done, at the end of the path there is a tombstone with a beetle shape on it, destroy it to get quest item " Record of the mutant. ". (each party member needs one.)

    11. After you get your record of mutant, head back, till you find a statue that looks like a turtle, talk to it, go inside, talk to the man and give him 1m Alz and get your purify epulate. (necessary to complete dungeon later on.)

    12. Run back to the beetle tomb at the end of pathway, the fire gate there will be open, go inside and click the pink/purple liquid tank. (BSLV UP Special training quest here.)

    13. After the Vice Felichra is killed, vice vigests will appear, kill all the first group that spawns, a 2nd group will appear, kill the one that appears on the spot at the picture only then dash fast towards the fire gate in the room, which will lead you to the Chakaris.

    14. Chakris is an easy boss, dash her with damage, the moment her shield appears, dash fast off the stairs and platform where the Chakris is at, to the vigest guards, kill them then go back, keep repeating, with an 4 man party, she wouldn't be able to put her shield more than once.

    *here is an easy trick if you want solo temple and having trouble with Chakris

    15. Now reuse your old epulate, take off your purify epulate, and use your core transmuter on it, it will produce quest item, talk to the stone infront of you, it will teleport you to the room on the otherside.

    16. Walk to the end of the pathway, destroy the fire gate, then fall back to the chakris room.

    17. Reason for going back is next room, golems and druga will spawn, but in turns, so wait for them all to spawn then clear them all off in 1 battle mode.

    18. Go to next room, and kill all the Groga. (Also quest for BSLV UP special training# ,)

    19. Talk to the tomb, make all your team wait at the gate ready with battle modes/aura, talk to the tomb the gate open, dash in, the next gate will open then close, so if you try to dash in late, you will have to destroy the fire gate first.

    20. Final boss, Orca, very easy, just don't take alot time killing him because after couple of minutes he disappears and some mobs spawn, then he reappears in stronger form, and it gets stronger with every respawn.

    21. Congratulations, you've just finished Forgotten temple B1F.

    Key Quests.

    To start the a key quest you need to obtain a key.

    There are 3 kinds of keys:

    - Mutant Key Red
    - Mutant Key Green
    - Mutant Key Blue

    They drop from all mobs inside the dungeon, you could drop more than one of the same type, or all types, but you can only use one, the one you pick first.

    When you get the key, you need to talk to 3 boxes, if you talk to the 3 right boxes, you will be able to enter the treasure Guardian room with 4 relic chests.

    Mutant Key Red:

    - First Box is the one in the entrance of the dungeon.
    - Next box is in the tunnel after the Nesbite room.
    - Last box is the one in Nesbite room.

    Mutant Key Blue:

    - First box is in the tunnel before the last boss room (Groga room).
    - Second box is in the room before Chakris.
    - Last box is in the Golem room.

    Mutant Key Green:

    - First box is in the tunnel after Chakris.
    - Second box is in the room with gricks (in the begging.
    - Last box is in the room before Chakris.

    The treasure room is in the opposite direction leading to the vice vigest/Chakris.(at the end.)

    Mutant Energy Ball

    If you drop a Mutant energy ball from a monster and you want to craft Mithril then you need to go back to the beetle tomb where you got Record of the Mutant, infront it there is hidden NPC, talk to the short guy figure and you will get in, then you can go and pick the FC you want.

    So Basically:
    - You can only do one key per run.
    - All keys give the same drops, so its not important which key you chose.

    If you are doing solo runs, easiest key is Red mutant key, since you don't have to kill Chakris. (kill nesbite, get 4 relic chests, i.e 5 chests, could be profiting.).

    IGN: Ayasumi.
    Server: Venus 500x.
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