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    Lightbulb [GUIDE] Elite Cabal - Force Blader

    ~ Force Blader Guide~

    Force Bladers realized that using sword and magic spells at the same time would compensate for the weakness. Then they created unique battle skills as known as "Magic Sword Skills". This is how Force Bladers, the Magic Swordsmen have been established.

    You should follow your stats requirements untill lv.60 and then just follow ur equips stats.

    My stats:
    Str: 340
    Int: 300
    Dex: rest.

    -Many ppl wonder why FB's use dex instead of str (sword FB) or int (Magic FB). Dex increases defense, attack, defense rate by a fair amount which is better than going full str and int focusing on attack and leaving defense which helps alot in PVE.


    A-Sword skills:

    -Fade Step: Cancels ur enemy's combo and dashes you back for a small distance.
    Get it lvl9! Helps in war and pvp alot.

    -Dash: increases movement speed for a short amount of time.
    Get it lvl9 too your only warp skill..

    -Impact stab Lv.20
    A very good skill for all melee classes >.> thx for pointing it out (Eleven,TooMore,RandomStuff)

    -Force slash lv20
    PvP move... a DoT( damage over time) very useful against WA's FS's

    -illusion stab Lv20
    It decreases your target's defense by 29..which helps alot!

    -Soaring Shot Lv9/20
    Feel free to not get this if u want i just use it in my KD (knockdown) combo to kill bosses which ill post later.

    -Dance Of Ruin Lv.20
    Another -Def Skill..which stacks with illusion stab and gives -58 Defense. Awesome isnt it?

    -Force Assault Lv.20
    Another DoT a pvp move..get it!

    -Infernal stigma Lv.20
    YOUR ONLY STUN..i guess that sums it up lol

    -Abyssal Crystal Lv.20
    Get that cuz its ur only ranged sword skill...nice crit too

    -Force Impact Lv.20
    Looks awesome lol you use it as a finisher in pvp.

    -Infernal Impact Lv.9
    This is like the best debuff+attack skill has -atk -def -hp and almost 800 add dmg!!
    and u keep it at lv9 cuz of delay. this allows u to spam it in pve which is great.

    -Assassinate Lv.9
    The name alone is catchy lol. Great dmg skill like BEST EVER..u keep it at 9 too.

    Thats it for sword skills you can get other skills if u want..u have tons of sword skill points left when ure maxed transcender.


    B-Magic Skills:
    This guide is for Sword Force Bladers so im gonna only say The Buffs and debuffs.But you do need 4Magic attack skills (Stone Cannon Lv.20, Lightning Cannon Lv.20, Aqua Cannon Lv.20, Wind Cannon Lv.15) these are for ur BM1(MORE ON IT LATER!)


    -Earth Guard Lv.20
    +Defense Buff

    -Wind Movement Lv.20
    +attack rate and def rate Buff

    -Aqua Vitality Lv.20
    +HP, MP. +6Hp restore, 6Mp restore.

    -Lightning Blade lv.20
    +Atk, Crit rate, Crit dmg.

    -Ice Blade lv.20
    Get it since u can stack 2 non evoluated skills after Lv.140 rank up.

    -Fire Blade lv.20
    You can stack 3 Buffs of same stats after Lv.170 rank up.

    -Regenration Lv.4(Max)
    +HP restore

    -Resist Intension Lv.9
    I think its kinda useless since ure gonna be comboing while in pvp and when u use combo ure 100% resistant to down,knockback and stun. and you could save the points for your debuffs.


    Your most powerful weapon..I'm not going to be listing all the debuffs like (Blind and weaken) cuz theyre useless in pvp and pve..and you could use the extra skill points for other important debuffs.

    -Lower Defense Lv.18
    Cuz u need those 20skill points..just for bosse..u can skip that and use the points in other debuffs like enervation.

    -Enervation Lv.18
    same reason and its -Lvl debuff (tip for newbies: it doesnt rly down ur enemy's lvl it just decreases every stats they have as if they were actually that lvl so its basiclly -Hp, MP max
    -Atk -Def -Def rate -Atk rate (not sure about this correct me if im wrong) )

    -Execration Lv.18
    Binds ur target and makes him unable to move for like 20secs..awesome isnt it? but kinda useless against BL's and Wa's cuz of their "Instant Immunity"

    -Hard Luck Lv.20
    Its -Resist to crit rate and crit dmg.

    -Darkness Lv.12
    You could use the extra points...Very deadly when used with Execration..ON MELEE BOSSES ONLY not in pvp,war or on ranged bosses cuz someone thought i was talking on pvp.

    -Mana Freeze Lv.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LIKE THE MOST AWESOME DEBUFF EVER!! it -MP Max amount u just make ur target standing there doing nothing while u rape him for 10secs lol not very useful against wiz and a fa.
    Me: dude that wont fuckin work HES A FREAKIN WIZ HE HAS LIKE 2.5k MP
    Noob: see? hes useless now *GETS OWNED BY WIZ*
    xD just to show u it doesnt work against wiz or fa lol.

    -Field of Execration Lv.20!
    same as execration but it has an AOE effect!!! very useful in war.

    -Field of Enervation Lv.20!
    Same as enervation but has an Aoe effect! very useful in war.

    As you see you have some awesome combinations of debuffs tht can basiclly render anybody useless (:

    C-Upgrade skills:

    -Vitality Mastery Maxed!
    -Defensive sense Maxed! (PVP ORINETED ONLY!!), Reflex (PVE ORIENTED ONLY!)
    -Offensive Sense Maxed!
    -Sixth Sense Maxed!
    -Impact Control Maxed!
    -Damage absorb Maxed!



    -Amulet Of battler Or amulet of pain
    AoB increases hp,mp,def.....AoP increases critdmg,def,max rate...(i recommend AoP+6).
    -RoL+2 if u cant get one rol+2 just wear two rol+1
    If u can get ur hands on a rol+2 get a RoF+10 and wear it with it untill 4Rings update comes
    ~~More on crit rate and crit dmg later.
    -EoF+6 or higher.
    -Dbl slotted deathblow Blade Pc dmg(perfect craft which is 16%cdi) with cdi in slots .
    -Dbl slotted deathblow crystal pc dmg with cdi in slots.
    -Armor (7%amp or higher +50hp) +6 or +7 .
    -Boots (100hp) of preferably 7%amp if u can get one.
    -Gloves (7%amp).
    -Helm dbl slotted deathblow Pc dmg with cdi in slots.
    -BoF's+X depends on ur honor rank..
    -Vital Earrings (MORE HP YAY).




    -Against Mobs....Infernal stigma>InfernalImpact>Assassinate (100%Stunlock combo) u might add DoR if u dont know how to not break this cuz of delay..

    -Against Bosses....-Defense combo: Illusion stab>DoR>InfernalImpact>Assassinate.
    -Hp comb: Force Slash>Force Assault>II>Assassinate.
    KnockDown Combo: DoR>II>Assassinate>SoaringShot.
    *TIP: some bosses cant be stunned so we use knockdown which helps alot.
    -Some dungeon bosses can be stunned.



    -Note-: These following combos are not copy-paste theyre my dont have to use them and u can totally make ur own.

    -Defense combo (Against Wa's and Fs's esp.) i use this combo against all classes sometimes they just die after 4th skill lol.

    Assassinate>DoR>illusion stab> Infernal impact>Assassinate>Abyssalcrystal(IF YOUR TARGET DOESNT DIE ONLY!!)>Force Impact (AS A FINISHER)

    -HP Combo

    Assassinate>FS>FA>II>Assassinate>Force Impact (AS A FINISHER)


    FS>FA>II>Assassinate>AbyssalCrystal...GO BACK AT FS IF HE DOESNT DIE then >force impact as a finisher.

    Special Skills:

    Battle Mode 1 "Force Enchanter":

    In My opinion: BEST BM EVER this bm is basiclly a booster to ur stats using the cannons i told u to get earlier..

    Aqua Cannon: +HP,MP and restore.
    Lightning Cannon: +attack, crit rate and dmg.
    Stone Cannon: +Defense.
    Wind Cannon: +Defense and attack rate.

    Battle Mode 2 "Blade Shooter":

    This Bm has 3 powerful effects...
    First one:

    -Auto attack which has 3Aoe attacks (Down and knockback effects included)Very useful.

    -Special skill: An aoe that looks cool lol

    -Astral charger: Not available after soul&siena update..thx for pointing it out rastafara.

    Critical Rate and Critical Dmg:

    Critical Rate:

    -Every Char has a base Critical rate of 5% and Max Crit rate is 50%...a Critical hit is basiclly a stronger hit than a normal one which shows in blue colored dmg..
    -You can wear AoP to give u more max crit rate
    -FB's Can easily get max crit rate because:
    Lightning Blade: 15%Crit Rate
    Ice Blade: 10% Crit rate
    BASE: 5%Crit rate
    2Rols+1: 20% crit rate

    Do the math lol.

    Critical Damage:

    -Every Char has a base CritDmg of 20%..crit dmg is basiclly this:

    If you have like 110% Crit dmg Then...
    For example only!!: when u hit assassinate with a normal hit say like 2500Dmg
    With Critical hit you hit 5250Dmg.

    -There is no max crit dmg!


    My point of View:

    Force Bladers are Extremely Powerful with an ability to render their enemies useless. You must get to kno how to use a to retarget enemies after they use fade...When to debuff and when not to...when to use ur attack skills and ranged ones...So you can be a Pro Force Blader.

    I kno this guide isnt much yet but ill post pics later and make it better =] GoodLuck with your ForceBlader!

    Oh shit! gah i forgot to post this in Off-topic i cant move it >.< can any gm move it? that would be awesome thx in advance
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    Force Blader (aura then BM OR BM then aura)

    maybe a lot of you FBs know this already..

    Doing AURA then BM is stronger than doing BM then aura... ill show you some pics of my char doing Aura + BM and vice versa..

    things to check on the images:
    1. HP (Health Points)
    2. Attack
    3. Magic Attack
    4. Defense
    5. Atk Rate
    6. Def Rate

    without BUFFS (BM + AURA)

    without BUFFS (AURA + BM)

    w/ BUFFS (BM + AURA)

    w/BUFFS (AURA + BM)

    basing on the images, doing aura + bm is more effective than doing bm+aura..

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