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    Question [Guide] Elite Dekaron Beginner's Guide

    Beginner's Guide
    Things you need to know.
    Revision of the older Beginner's Guide with a few enhancements and a few minor edits and changes. If you are new to Elite Dekaron this will help you to understand smaller but more important aspects of your Class, and the game itself. Please be sure to read this carefully, and remember to enjoy yourself, don't push to hard and try not to rush to the top. Dekaron is a very cool game, but you can very easily burn yourself out on it.
    (Best viewed in 980px.)



    I. - Leveling: The ups & downs. (By Ex-Game Master Ace)
    II. - Gearing Up: Getting started. (By Ex-Game Master Avangard)
    III. - Events: Yes they do happen. (By Ex-Game Master SilverSurfer)
    IV. - Informative Links: Other guides/threads that can be very helpful.
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    The ups & downs

    -From level 1-25, train on the outskirts of Loa or Braiken castle. Training here should be a breeze.

    -Once you've achieved level 25-35, head to Heiharp and see how you fare there. The best experience you can get is with a party, mainly because it takes less time and less work to kill a group of monsters with a party.

    -Once you've reached about 35-55, go to Parca Temple and go past the blue gate to level on the right side on the Praus and Carcer.

    -Once you've reached 55 head to Crespo may be a bit difficult, unless you find a party.
    During your training from 55-60, you should save up on money. Upon reaching 60, you can now enter the Dungeon of Crespo, a party dungeon that has three section (Dungeon C, Dungeon B, Dungeon A) and costs 300k to enter. However, if you go with a party of 6, each party member only needs to pay 50k. This is a quite decent dungeon that gives you experience and different gems that you may find useful, such as medials, rhombuses, elemental damage gems, or elemental resistance gems. You can also continue training in crespo with a party or just soloing, however you enjoy it.

    -Once you've reached level 65, you can have three options to choose from: continue training in Dungeon C, head out to Draco Desert, or do Dungeon B, which is harder than Dungeon C, because of the higher level mobs. However, it does give more experience and better gem rewards. Draco desert is a different view from crespo, mainly because it's a desert, unlike the snow you constantly see in crespo. I wouldn't advise doing the 65 commission quest, because it's just a waste of money. I suggest doing dungeon B Or you can ask someone that's higher level to Power level you in dungeon A to level 102 so you can get your wings.

    -Once you've reached level 102+ you can grab the quest in draco from Harmon (Across the Desert) then head to Python castle talk to the guy at the gate for the quest you will need to kill 100 carbons to get inside Python castle once you are done head back to the guy at Python gate in Draco read the discription on what to do next. The reason i say get to 102+ because it is easier to kill the monsters in Python Castle. It would be ALOT easier with a party and you can kill faster. If you like you can level up to 115 then you can move on to Aquarius.

    -Once you reach level 115 you can head to Aquarius which is an awsome map It's under water u can hunt weapons and Argates the further you go in harder the monster's are It would be easy if get a party then you will level fast to level 130. Once you get to 130 you can head to Acquirai Ruins or stay in Aquarius and Level and gather argates.

    -Once you have reached level 130 you can go to Acquirai Ruins It's a good map to hunt your 130's gear. The way to Space of Pilgrimage is circled in yellow. Or you can go to Space of Pilgrimage, it's a good map to hunt for 130 weapons. Once agian if you get a party you can level alot faster the monster's are little hard. You can level up to 145 once you reach that you an head to Deadland's.

    -Once you have reach level 145 you can head to Deadland's It is a much harder map for soloing between level 145-170. It would be alot easier to grab a party. It's good map to gather level 145 weapon's and argates. If the monsters are to hard you can try lower level map's to level up more like Aquarius.

    -Once you have reached level 170 you can head to West Morte or East Ares. West Morte is MUCH easier than East Ares. In these's map's you may need a party Because more monster's will agro you than other map's. Or if you are brave enough you can solo it. Once you get a party and get a good spot you will start leveling pretty fast and the monster's drop 160's gear.

    -Once you reach level 175 you can head to Crespo Abyss this map is pretty hard to solo not many people go here. The only thing this map is good for is gathering +6% gem's and +45 medals. So I would stay in West Morte or East Ares and level there until 195.

    -Once you have reached level 195 you can head to Hell On Earth. In this map the monster's are pretty hard at low 200's once you get 230+ it will be easier to solo it. At low 200's you might want a party to help you. Reminder you can agro more so watch out and you may want to wear fire res. necklace. This is the map you can level untill you are level 250 so enjoy and you are done leveling!

    -Once you are 195 you can also head to Shadow Tower for 170 gears. Floor 1 only drops vouchers for Hell DF. It's pretty awsome map to gather your 170's gear through floor 2-5 floor one dont have much just vouchers for Dead Front so it's better off to head for floor 2. This map maybe hard to solo depends on you'r build It will be much easier to get a party for this map. There is couple boss'es on each floor that drop Divine Noble items they can be little hard to solo.

    -Once you are 250, you can head over to Fantasy for 150 power weapons, 160 weapons and 190 gears. All 3 floors drop gears and weapons. Floor 1 monsters hit the hardest, so less health. Floor 2 and 3 hits the lowest but has lots of health.

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    Gearing Up
    Getting started.

    -Why is Gear important?

    Gear is designed for each part of the body, including legs, hands, torso, feet, and head. Armor increases your character’s defense, but magical armor may also increase your physical or elemental attack power/defense.

    Gear types:
    Dekaron’s armor can be classified in 4; normal,magic, noble and divine noble. Items name is colored in grade of normal (white), magic (blue), noble (light blue), and divine noble (yellow).
    Stats for each type:

    Normal = 0 stat
    Magic = 2 stats
    Noble = 3 stats
    Divine noble = 4 stats

    -Where to buy & maps of dropping


    Incar Magician:

    Gear from level 2-60 can be baught at Florence (Magician Armor Merchant) in Loa Castle and Dorothy (Magician Armor Merchant) in Braiken Castle.

    Segita Hunter:

    Gear from level 2-60 can be baught at Emily (Hunter Armor Merchant) in Loa Castle and Alley (Hunter Armor Merchant) in Braiken Castle.


    Gear from level 2-60 can be baught at Damian (Segnale Armor Merchant) in Loa Castle and Beatrix (Segnale Armor Merchant) in Braiken Castle.


    Gear from level 2-60 can be baught at Rose (Aloken Armor Merchant) in Loa Castle, there is no Aloken Armor Merchant in Braiken Castle.

    Vicious Summoner:

    Gear from level 2-60 can be baught at Gemma (Summoner Armor Merchant) in Loa Castle and Nicole (Summoner Armor Merchant) in Braiken Castle.

    Bagi Warrior:

    Gear from level 2-60 can be baught at Poia (Warrior Armor Merchant) in Loa Castle and Naste (Warrior Armor Merchant) in Braiken Castle.

    Azure Knight:

    Gear from level 2-60 can be baught at Hestia (Knight Armor Merchant) in Loa Castle and Luxy (Knight Armor Merchant) in Braiken Castle.

    Places of dropping (maps)

    Draco Desert

    In Draco Desert drops lvl 76+ Gear

    * Place where Armor, Pants and Helmet drop
    * Place where Armor, Pants, Boots, Gloves, Helmet drop

    In Draco Desert drop lvl 66+ (also available at Armor Merchants) and lvl 76+ Gears:

    Purcherima (Mage)

    Empress (Hunter)

    Riquere (Aloken)

    Everanks (Segnale)

    Abrasax (Summoner)

    Hercules (Bagi)

    Eternity (Knight)

    Python Castle/Requis Beach/Avalon Island

    *All parts of gear drop all over the map.

    *Place where lvl 88+ gears drop.

    *Place where Armors and Helmet pieces drop.
    *Place where Boots,Pants,Gloves and Armor pieces drop.

    On Python Castle and Avalon Island maps drop lvl 88+ Gears:
    Solongos (Mage)

    Janis (Hunter)

    Nemophilla (Aloken)

    Solrey (Segnale)

    Eudemon (Summoner)

    Constantia (Bagi)

    Quesa (Knight)

    Black Dragon's Tomb/Cursed Maze

    *Place where mostly Armors,Pants and Helmets drop.
    *Place where Pants,Boots and Gloves drop.

    On Black Dragon's Tomb map drop lvl 100+ Gears:

    Canopy (Mage)

    Eunergy (Hunter)

    Umberto (Aloken)

    Senoir (Segnale)

    Ardol (Summoner)

    Kailum (Bagi)

    Cyrus (Knight)

    Aquarai Ruins

    At Aquarai Ruines map drop 130+ Gears:

    Izar (Mage)

    Angeligue (Hunter)

    Marcia (Aloken)

    Jubanx (Segnale)

    Le Cruz (Summoner)

    Traumen (Bagi)

    Ozer (Knight)

    West Morte/East Ares

    *All pieces drop on the whole map.

    On West Morte map drop lvl 159+ Gears:

    Farell Ami (Mage)

    Ariel Andra (Hunter)

    Dustin Calla (Aloken)

    Tania Delling (Segnale)

    Leo Kellan (Summoner)

    Velika Rex (Bagi)

    Mone bloodbane (Knight)

    Shadow Tower

    Floor 1

    Floor 2

    Floor 3

    Floor 4

    Floor 5

    On Shadow Tower map drop 180+ (A7) gears:
    Immortality (Mage)

    Amiontes (Hunter)

    Arkadhia (Aloken)

    Lilith (Segnale)

    Risener (Summoner)

    Destroyer (Bagi)

    Astra (Knight)

    Fantasy 190+ gears :

    Tally (Aloken)

    Ahteuros (Azure Knight)

    Keobiteos (Summoner)

    Aepteon (Segnale)

    Meriel (Incar Magician)

    Haswise(Bagi Warrior)

    Guess (Hunter)

    Fortifying and Socketing

    Fortifying and socketing Gear is very important.
    Guides: "Upgrading Gear"
    "Socketing Gear"

    Pictures will be updated soon
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    Yes they do happen.

    Dead Front:

    What is Dead Front?

    Dead Front is a recurring team-based event, in which up to four parties compete in an assault to kill off the boss demon, Oppucus; and then survive a free-for-all battle. The last team standing becomes the Ultimate Warriors.

    Application & Entrance

    1) Collect 20 special vouches (Dead Front Vouchers), which are dropped by monsters at your appropriate level. Take the 20 vouches to Tess at Braiken Castle or Grina at Loa Castle and exchange them for the Dead Front Maps.
    NOTE: Step 1 is only for Hell Dead Front Map.
    NOTE 2: Doom, Baron and Arc Dead Front Map's can be purchased from NPC's.

    2) Once you have acquired the Fortress Map appropriate for your character’s level, travel to North Ares to the north of Braiken Castle and seek the Chain of Fire. Look on the bottom right area of the map. Step into the Chain of Fire to enter the Dead Front entrance area.

    3) Once you have stepped through the Chain of Fire, look for the commander NPC associated with the level of your Fortress Map, and speak to that NPC.

    4) Dead Front is a recurring event, and when the time is close, the Party Leader may apply to join the event by clicking on "Application" in the quest window offered by the commander NPC. Only the Party Leader may apply, and the following conditions must be met for successful application.

    Requirements for Dead Front participation:

    ◦The person applying for the Dead Front event must be the Party Leader.
    ◦All party members including the Leader must be in the entrance area, having passed through the Chain of Fire.
    ◦All party members (including the Party Leader) must be within the level range of the Dead Front event to which the Party Leader has applied.
    ◦Every member must have the appropriate Dead Front Map, which corresponds to their character level.

    5) After the application period is over, the selected parties will be notified, if you get OUT, you havent been selected, if you get IN, congratulations, you may join now the Dead Front, click on "Enter Dead Front" to enter the event. Each member will have 3 minutes to enter the Dead Front event. The event will then begin approximately 2 minutes later and will last for 30 minutes. Note: A maximum of 4 parties may participate in a single Dead Front event.

    6) If any selected players fail to enter in time, they will be excluded from the event and will have to reapply for a later Dead Front event.

    Dead Front Schedule:

    ◦Time between Application Periods – 22 minutes
    ◦Application Period – 5 minutes
    ◦Entrance Opportunity Time – 3 minutes
    ◦Waiting for Start of Battle – 2 minutes or 2.5 minutes
    ◦Event Time from Start of Battle – 30 minutes

    How to Play

    1) Each party that enters Dead Front will begin at its individual starting point. As soon as the event start is announced, each player must pass through a gulch in order to get to the next stage of the event.

    2) Along the path, there will be three Supply Depots. Each party must fight and defeat monsters to capture these locations. A special score is awarded to the first party to capture each of the three Supply Depots – one possible scoring opportunity for each of the three locations. Other parties that fail to capture a Supply Depot will get nothing for that one, but still have an opportunity to score on another.

    3) After breaking through the gulch and going across a wide bridge, players will meet the sub-boss, "Las Alhage" guarding the front gate. Only the party that does the most damage to Las Alhage will receive the score for this boss, as well as some boosted game experience. The other three parties will get no score; however they will earn normal experience points.

    4) Once the front gate is breached, the parties can infiltrate the armories, which can be found by exploring the areas beyond the gate. Players who can infiltrate here can take all the treasures of the armories.

    5) After you beat Las Alhage, a further gate will open at the end of the center path, which leads to the Central Gate area. Once you are in the Central Gate area, you must explore the four side paths and decipher the four Ancient Codes. Only when all the Ancient Codes have been decoded can you read the Ancient Book at the Central Gate and gain entrance to the First Chamber of the Serpent Boss, Oppucus.

    6) Inside the First Chamber, you will be locked inside and monster will spawn from nowhere to kill you, you must kill them before they take you down, when all monsters are death, the center gate behind you will open and the Demon Serpent Boss, Oppucus, will take presence, a fearsome fight will start, all survivors will gain same game experience points when you defeat Oppucus, however the party that does the most damage will receive a bonus award.

    7) Defeating Oppucus triggers the final phase of the Dead Front event – a massive PvP free-for-all battle. All players will be teleported into the PvP arena, and the last surviving team will gain extra rewards and experience. However, the title of Supreme Warrior will go to the members of the party that has the highest Dead Front score and the most experience points earned during the event. Based on the scoring, winning the PvP event will generally determine the Ultimate Warrior party.

    Siege Battle

    What is the Siege Battle?

    Siege battles involve large-scale combat to gain control of Genoa Castle and become the absolute ruler of the land.

    How to Request Siege Battle?

    1) Requesting Siege Battle.
    Visit Leonhart at Braiken or Bastian at Loa and select the “Request Siege Battle” menu.

    - You must be a guild master.
    - The guild needs to have at least 3 members, a guild emblem, guild level 3, and 50,000,000 DIL to make the request.
    - The cost for requesting Siege Battle cannot be retrieved.

    2) Begin the Seal Ritual

    - Once a guild master has met the conditions for Siege War they can perform the Seal Ritual on the day of the ritual.
    - Select the “Begin Seal Ritual” menu in the dialogue with Siege NPC
    - Complete the Seal Ritual in the “Evil Abyss” dungeon at Denebe.
    - Return to the Siege NPC and select the “Register Seal” menu to register as a guild participating in Siege Battle.
    - Current siege battles allow only three guilds at a time, so the first guilds to register will be able to participate. Once three guilds have completed registration, all ongoing Seal Rituals will cease.)

    3. Starting Siege Battles

    The defending guild can set a time for the Siege Battle to begin. If the defending guild has not set a start time, it will begin automatically. Once the Siege Battle has started, the attacking guilds will enter through tunnels at Braiken, Loa, and Denebe.

    The Offense

    1. Once you reach Genoa Castle, to gain access to the Inner Castle you must first destroy the South Gate, followed by the East Gate or the West Gate.
    2. After entering, your guild must obtain two or more of the five guardian pendants, which are scattered around the castle.
    3. Once you have the guardian pendants, click on Juto, who is at the center of the castle.
    4. During the time of Siege Battle, enduring the response will give victory to the offending guild. If the response with Juto fails, the defending guild will win.

    The Defense

    1. The defending guild can prepare Genoa Castle for the battle before the Siege Battle starts.

    2. There are two main ways to prepare for the battle:
    - The defending guild can purchase guards and place them in the area of the battle.
    - The defending guild can also invest DIL to fortify the castle gates.

    3. When the Siege Battle starts, the defending guild must move to various areas in the map through warps to stop the attacking guilds from possessing the pendants. Stopping the offending guilds from responding to Juto will bring victory to the defending guild. If the offending guild successfully responds to Juto the Defending guild will lose castle and the special featres along with it.

    For Events check out our Events posted here.

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    Ending Statement

    I would like to thank you all for choosing Elite Dekaron and I hope you enjoy your time here. I'm glad to be a part of this and to all the people that helped me with this guide thank you very much; and I'm sure everyone will appreciate it.

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